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I am so happy that we will be together in this class!!!   



You can access everything here 



Course description

 students will find everything about this course

About me 

 students will find everything you need to know about me (the   teacher )

Contact me 

 students will find my email/number 

Info for parents 

 this page is for the parents what I want them to do

Class rules and guidelines 

 students will find classroom rules please read them carefully and obey these rules!!!

Class calendar 

 students will find all the information about the topics we will take the whole year


 students will find all the homework I will be assigning students

In class Martials 

 students will find all the handouts I will be giving students in the class 

Events/ Announcements  students will find any upcoming events happening 
Our Friends  students will find classmates and student of the month 
Apps   students will find all the apps I will use this semester 
Grades   students will be given a password by the teacher to access their grades